About Me

I'm an American freelance writer and photographer living in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Until January 2017, I was a Content Marketing Director and writer for Zendesk and helped to launch the new Zendesk brand Relate. Prior to that I built and directed both the product documentation and training teams. You can find my complete work history and profile on LinkedIn

I left Zendesk to move to Lisbon and I'm now freelancing and working on my own creative projects. 

Here are some samples of my recent content marketing work.

Stories for Relate magazine

Why you need to practice mindfulness

If you haven’t tuned into this new era of mindfulness yet, you may be surprised to discover how widely it’s being adopted and just how beneficial it can be—hype aside. Read about it on Relate magazine

A problem? Who has a problem? Getting a grip on your subscriptions.

It happens without you realizing it—that need for an on-demand, in-control, do-what-I-want lifestyle. My humorous take on the subscription economy for Relate magazine

When the walls close in: pursuing health and happiness in a flexible work world

My story for Relate magazine that explores the growing trend of full-time remote work, coworking spaces, and what the future for may hold for as many as 50% of the workforce.

Customer experience guides and articles

Here are a few examples of the customer experience best practices content that I've written recently. 

Reduce customer effort with great service

Focusing on effort reduction is going to help you keep your customers coming back, build their long-term loyalty, and attract new customers.

How’s your first reply time? Not fast enough.

It's indisputable - when it comes to first reply time (FRT) and its affect on customer satisfaction, faster is better. 

Making the most of an NPS survey

Given the many touch points that customers have with your business, you can’t fully understand the customer experience by just looking at one or two things. That’s why you need a broad approach to gathering, analyzing, and using customer feedback.

Let customers choose your business hours

Because customers and businesses need to speak to each other sometimes, your “open for business” hours probably aren’t going away anytime soon. 

You don’t always need call center scripts

With the focus on taking a people-first approach to customer service and building better customer relationships, do call center scripts really have a place? 

Ticket deflection: the currency of self-service

The future of self-service is a happy alliance of people and new tech working together as DIY enablers

How to turn customers into brand evangelists: a customer experience guide to the promoter economy

Written for Zendesk, the focus of this guide is on the role that customer service and customer experience plays in building great customer relationships and ensuring high customer satisfaction, which leads happy and loyal customers to become brand evangelists.

Roll out live chat and provide proactive customer service

Written for Zendesk, this guide explores what it takes to roll out chat as a new customer service channel and then, optionally, use it provide proactive customer service.

Practical Zendesk Administration, 2nd Edition

I wrote the 2nd edition of Practical Zendesk Administration, which is published by O'Reilly media. It's still in print and is available directly from O'Reilly and also on Amazon and from other online booksellers. 

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